Our Team

The Grebot Donnelly team presents a unique combination of educational and marketing expertise, which has kept us field leaders for over a decade. Every team member is committed to our core values: integrity, impact and quality.


Aimee Monteith
Managing Director

As Managing Director, Aimee is relentlessly focused on the development and implementation of the company's growth and development. She is also instrumental in bringing strategic direction to client projects and leading a team of dedicated professionals.  Aimee brings a wealth of experience from across a range of industry sectors and believes success is built through culture; understanding vision, values and behaviours, and employee engagement and motivation that will ultimately deliver stability and growth for any organisation. 

Aimee has extensive experience and business acumen; she is a consummate professional delivering excellence and commercial rigour to the organisation she leads and the clients within its portfolio. 



Chris Bloor
Research & Project Manager

Chris has dedicated his career to research and analysis, and has specialised in education data with Grebot Donnelly for the last two and a half years.

Every marketing strategy the company devises is underpinned by research, with Chris at the forefront of developing new approaches to ensure that the data provides the solid foundations required for targeted marketing campaigns that provide maximum outcomes.


Anna Donnelly
Senior Account Manager

Following a 4 year career in teaching and achieving ‘Outstanding’ status, Anna took the decision to work with other schools to share her experiences and to develop her business acumen. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge from the education sector and is developing the Grebot Donnelly portfolio to ensure that services match the changing educational landscape and the marketing needs of schools.

Anna heads up Training School and currently works directly with a number of schools across Greater London on managed services contracts. She advises schools on strategic direction, maximising teacher recruitment and retention strategies and improving internal/external communications.


Will Forsyth 
Senior Account Manager

Will has 7 years strategic marketing experience managing diverse projects across a variety of industries. As a Senior Marketing Account Manager at Grebot Donnelly, Will applies his expertise in a wide range of marketing techniques to help clients grow their brand and position themselves for future success.

He is responsible for creating engaging written and dynamic content for print and digital platforms, devising bespoke marketing strategies, managing social media, organising events and handling press enquiries.


Kim Bowyer
Account Manager

After graduating from Oxford Brookes University with first class honours in Psychology, Kim started her career at Grebot Donnelly, managing multiple projects and accounts at a strategic and creative level as well as supporting on Training School. 

She moved on to explore the automotive and telemarketing sectors, managing the development and delivery of integrated ATL and BTL advertising campaigns. With her love for research, analysis, and strategy that results in positive outcomes for schools, Kim returned to Grebot Donnelly to be part of the client management team, working on projects across the sector.


Hannah Kanish
Account Manager

Hannah is responsible for providing support across different areas of the business, including copywriting, research and general client account administration.

She brings a combination of creative, writing and research skills to the team, and advises on social media strategy and management. Hannah has a degree in business and events management from the University of Winchester.


Nicola Prentice
Finance Manager

Nicola is the Finance Manager at Grebot Donnelly and has over ten years of experience within the financial sector.

She has brought a breadth of knowledge and expertise from a successful career in finance and human resources management to Grebot Donnelly.


Hayley Robinson

Hayley is responsible for the creation, development and implementation of strategic marketing campaigns. She is dedicated to delivering maximum outcomes and has successfully repositioned a number of schools and implemented multiple borough-wide campaigns.

She is an expert at defining and communicating key messages to a wide range of audiences, and has extensive experience in copywriting, producing publications and brand development. Hayley holds a CIM accredited Professional Diploma in Marketing.

Together we are:

  • Education experts
  • Committed project managers
  • Innovative brand creators
  • Inspirational speakers and trainers
  • Masters in copywriting
  • Creative marketing experts
  • Visionary advisers
  • Impactful designers
  • Website specialists