Multi Academy Trust Marketing

In an increasingly competitive marketplace with funding following each individual pupil, schools have to market themselves to parents, local partners and other stakeholders. A Trust’s success, and its ability to establish a quality reputation, is directly linked with the success of its schools – and in most cases a Trust’s reputation will only be as good as its ‘weakest’ school. As you look to build on your current reputation and potentially grow, the big question is ‘why your MAT?’


  • Understand the importance of research linked to an analysis of consistency of message and quality of service at individual school and Trust level through the marketing mix; internal staff perceptions of the Trust and external views of the Trust and individual schools
  • Competitive brand audit of competitor schools within the local area of each of the Trust schools
  • Learn how to build individual school reputations, and the Trust’s reputation, by sharing good news widely
  • Optimise individual school’s marketing and communications activities including the importance of school reputations being managed via social media
  • Define and build pupil, parental, community and wider stakeholder support
  • Train and engage key people (staff and pupils) at individual school level (and future schools) to engage with and sustain the marketing work in the longer term

Upcoming Workshops - 9:30-10:15am

  • Friday 14th October 2022
  • Friday 10th March 2023
  • Friday 28th April 2023
  • Friday 30th June 2023

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